We celebrated the letter Uu this week! We teach that the letter Uu makes the “ uh” sound . So we had, underwater day, a good day for Up, and Unicorns and umbrella day!


Tuesday was underwater day. I shared some photos on the GroupMe app and I hope you enjoyed them. We made some underwater sea creatures out of playdoh to strengthen those fine motor skills, practiced writing our letter U’s, and matched some upper and lower case starfish. We also had a center where they had to take a pearl with a picture on it and match that to the oyster with its beginning letter sound. This was a nice center to keep them up and moving too.

Wednesday was a good day for Up. We talked a little bit about the movie but mostly used balloons to help drive the theme home. They got to play toss with balloons with trying to catch them with solo cups! We did a letter Uu cut and paste page and some extra math practice of course. 🙂 Then after lunch it was off to specials!

Thursday was Unicorns and umbrellas. I loved seeing those girls all dressed in their unicorns! We used unicorn ten frames to practice number recognition and 1-1 counting practice, had a board game where unicorns helped us express our emotions, and did some more beginning sound practice matching raindrops to umbrellas. Just for fun I read some books about underwear which they got a kick out of. We also read a book about playing in the rain while under umbrellas!

All in all a great week was had and I can’t wait to teach them about the letter Gg next week! Have a wonderful weekend.

The letter focus for the month of March  – U,G, and E

The number focus for the month of March – 17 & 18

The shape for the month of March- diamond

The color focus for the month of March- Green & Gray