Let the Review weeks begin! During the month of May we will be reviewing all of our letters and numbers 1-10 that we learned throughout the year!
On Mon/Tuesday we focused on M. We read Maggie and Milo and finished up a craft for Mom!

In our centers we practiced writing our name, made Mickey with dot markers, passed cotton balls using tweezers, colored a picture of Mom, and played with magnets.

On Wed/Thursday we wore pajamas and reviewed the Letter P, and F. We colored a farm page and read Frog and Dog.

In our centers we practiced drawing shapes, used geo boards with rubber bands, cut play doh, traced rectangles, and counted with peg boards
We continued to check on our cocoons/ butterflies, so far only the T/Th morning butterflies were ready to be released.

A huge Thank you to everyone who spoiled us teachers for Teacher Appreciation Day! We definitely felt the Love and we appreciate all your treats!!

I hope all you Moms have a very Blessed Mother’s Day. I hope you have several minutes of quiet, and even more hugs from all those who call you Mom!!

Mrs. Kristina