I am so happy to be back with the class this week!
We learned all about the letter Jj.

Tuesday was our thanksgiving party make up. I think the kids had lots of fun playing pin the feather on the turkey, stuff a turkey, turkey bowling, and making their very own turkey headbands . We filled our centers with more fun thanksgiving things. The kids made me their thanksgiving plates. It’s so funny to see the food they always put on those 😂

Wednesday was jumping for Jesus! We learned a bit about Jesus and our centers were focused around Him. In the afternoon the kids also got to do a little jumping in the big room.

Thursday was Jj for jellybeans and jingle bells! We graphed jellybeans, sorted  them by color, and did some jelly bean patterns. They also got to take magnets and see how many jingle bells they can count that stuck to their magnet wand!

All in all we had a great week and I can’t wait to see them Tuesday!

The letter focus for the month of December is – C & J

The number focus for the month of December is- 11 & 12

The shape for the month of December  is- Triangle

The color focus for the month of December is – Blue