Zz is for Zebra, zigzag, zipper, and zoo!!!

What a full and fun week we had. We learned all about the letter Zz this week. How to write it, what sound it makes, and what words start with a Zz.


Tuesday was for Zeke the zebra. He helped us learn the sound Zz makes. The kids even made their own zeke zebra craft. We also played a game called Zap! They would pull a letter out of a bag and tell me what it was. If they got it right they kept the letter, if not they had to put it back in the bag. If they pulled a zap card, they had to put all their cards back in the bag.

Wednesday we focused on zigzags and zippers. We did some zigzag cutting and fine motor activities and practices zipping our jackets! During the afternoon we had specials so the kids got to move around a bit.


Thursday was zoo day!! We made a really special zoo craft in art, did some number sense activities with a money and bananas, did some zoo patterns and practices writing our letter Zz. After lunch we did a zoo scavenger hunt. I taped zoo animals all around the room and gave them clues to find the animal I was looking for!!

The letter focus for the month of November is – N, Z, T

The number focus for the month of November is- 8,9, and 10

The shape for the month of November is- Rectangle

The color focus for the month of November is – Brown