Fun with the letter Ff !!

Tuesday was F is for frog!
One of my favorite things about frog week is that we do our first directed drawing of the year. I will do direct drawings throughout the year and it’s to help show progress with their listening skills!  They have to follow my directions and actions to make the drawing turn out the way it’s supposed to. You will get a folder at the end of the year with all of the drawings we have done 🙂. For frog day we also counted dots in ten frames and had to match them with the correct number lily pad, and fed a frog some uppercase letters.
Wednesday was F for farm! We counted corn kernels and out them on stalks, we matched upper and lowercase tractor letters and did a farm pattern worksheet ! Wednesday was also the second week we’ve switched kids for specials. I think the kids are really enjoying specials!

Thursday we celebrated the letter F with a day full of fall activities. Thursdays we also have art so we did two fall projects! We graphed leaf colors, did some fine motor qtip painting and poke a pumpkin, and our letter F cut and paste .

Another great week in the books! Next week is a short week. We have school Tuesday and Wednesday and hopefully I will get to see you all at the pumpkin patch Thursday!!

The letter focus for the month of October is – O, F, R, and P

The number focus for the month of October is- 4,5,6, and 7

The shape for the month of October is- Square

The color focus for the month of October is – Orange