This week we focused on the letter Yy. We talked about the sound the letter Yy makes and words that begin with the letter Yy. We came up with yellow, yarn, yak, and yo-yo.

On Tuesday, we focused on activities around yarn. For start-up, we traced the letter Yy. For morning centers, we made the letter Yy out of tanagrams mats, cut out a letter Y on yellow construction paper and used a hole punch to put holes in it, did the Yy says/y/ cut and paste page, and found the letter Yy on a worksheet. For afternoon centers, we traced/wrote the letter Yy, laced yarn with the Y we hole punched from morning centers, colored the pictures that began with the letter Yy and made numbers out of snap cubes. Also in the afternoon, we found the letters of our first and last name on a bunny worksheet.

On Wednesday, we focused on activities around the color yellow. For start-up, we did a find the letter Yy page. For centers, we graphed with jellybeans, made ABCs out of playdoh, traced the words of things that are yellow and made a book, cut and pasted the word y-e-l-l-o-w and colored a flower yellow. In the afternoon, we had specials with the four teachers. In my special, we rolled dice and drew symbols with that number we rolled on an egg template. We also colored and cut out bunny ears to make a hat.

On Thursday, we had our Easter party. For start-up, we practiced tracing our names and addresses. For centers, we played an Easter dice game, traced the alphabet with an Easter themed page, sorted the letters Bb & Dd, and made a bunny by rolling an Easter themed dice. In the afternoon, we had our Easter party. We had so much fun!!!! Even the Easter Bunny came to see us!!!! After the party, we did a directed drawing and drew an Easter Bunny.

As always, if you never have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Until next week,

Mrs. Brandi