This week we focused on the letter Bb. We talked about the sound the Bb makes and words that begin with the letter Bb. We came up with butterfly, bugs, bear, bat, ball and brown.

On Tuesday, we focused on activities around bugs. For start-up, we colored a ladybug coloring page. We read the books The Very Greedy Bee, The Very Impatient Caterpillar, The Crunching Munching Caterpillar and Bugs, Bugs, Bugs. For morning centers, we matched the number of bugs with the number on the bug catcher, did our Bb says /b/ cut and paste page, caterpillar matching beginning sounds with the letter, and counted the number of bugs on bug coloring pages which we made into a book. For afternoon centers, we traced/wrote the letter Bb, put together bug number puzzles, made ABCs with pop-its, and did linking chain patterns. Also in the afternoon, we did a bee count the room with Mrs. Brenda’s class.

On Wednesday, we focused on activities around the story Brown Bear, Brown Bear. For start-up, we did a find the letter Bb page. We read the books Brown Bear, Brown Bear and From Caterpillar to Butterfly. For centers, we used uni-fix cubes to count the number of animals on a Brown Bear themed page, did a Brown Bear cut and paste, did a Brown Bear creative writing page, and laced with Brown Bear lacing cards. In the afternoon, we had specials. For my specials, we watched a video on the life cycle of a butterfly and talked about each stage of the life cycle. At the end of the day, we did a butterfly life cycle cut and paste worksheet.

On Thursday, we focused on activities around butterflies. For start-up, we colored a butterfly coloring page. We read the book Charlie the Caterpillar. For art, we painted our hand and the folded the page over to make the wings of a butterfly. For afternoon centers, we made “butterfly eggs” with butterfly playdoh counting mats, did butterfly symmetry puzzles, matched beginning sounds to butterfly themed ABCs, and did a push pin butterfly. Also, in the afternoon, we did a directed drawing of a butterfly. 

Until next week,

Mrs. Brandi