We had another great week learning about the letter Yy and it’s sound it makes. Also we kept reviewing our shape the octagon and numbers 19 and 20. Only 2 more weeks left and we will be into May already! WHAT?!?!?!

I was out of town on Monday and Tuesday and Mrs. Jenn did a fabulous job taking over for me! We had our Easter parties on Wednesday and finished up our Yy day on Thursday.

Monday: Yellow Day – We had lots of kids participate in the wearing yellow to school today! The day started off with the kids practicing their first and last names in QKs. Our centers included coloring and cutting out 4 different sized octagons, what is yellow page that included tracing the words of yellow items, color/cut/paste My Color Web with everything being yellow, and lastly our A-Z letter match wheels. We also had extra time to complete our Y is for Yak zoophonics craft. We only have 2 more letters left and we’ve made the entire alphabet! Lastly, the book was titled Yes Day! that was read today.

Tuesday: Yarntastic Y’s – The day started off with count the chicks color/cut/paste activity to get us in the Easter mood. The centers we completed today was a number 19 activity page, practiced writing our Yy’s in QKs, finished our April writing/coloring sample, and wrapped Y’s in yellow yarn! The kids each had 3 pieces and once they got started and got the first piece done, the other two went much more smooth and quicker! The book today was titled Extra Yarn that went perfectly with our yarn Y’s we completed.

Wednesday: Easter Party – While we were waiting for our parties to start, which were first thing once everyone arrived, we had a coloring page with Peeps on it and an Easter egg. Some of the activities we had at our stations for our Easter party included: coloring an Easter slap bracelet that they got to wear and take home, SNACK!, and two game/activity stations. One was hopping like a bunny down a path and then tossing eggs into three different point value holes on an Easter background and the other was carrying an egg (blow up egg) on a kitchen spoon and walking around a basket/relay race style and I think the kids favorite was just playing with balloons! Once we got back to class we did an Easter peep craft. We used the marshmallow peeps as stamps and made a little page that said the student’s name and peeps. (Ex:  Aimee’s Peeps) The kids liked it and wanted to eat the painted peeps, which I said isn’t a good idea! We also completed a page that was titled If I Were the Easter Bunny and kids filled out the different items if they were the bunny. The books I read today were Happy Easter, Mouse!, Easter Mice!, and Spring Stinks.

Thursday: Y is for Yo-Yo – Our last day covering the letter Yy and we started our day off with name writing practice in our QKs. We had all class activities to change it up today instead of centers. The activities we completed were color and count the pictures that have the Yy sound, color the pictures with the Yy sound in the giant Y, and Y cut and paste words with the Y sound. After we completed our centers we had a little extra time and were able to play a few rounds of Number Bingo, only the morning class was able to play this time. The two books I read today were Spring is Here and When Spring Comes. We had a surprise guest HOP into both morning and afternoon classes….the EASTER BUNNY hopped in to say hi and take a few pictures! Some kids loved it and others stayed clear, either way was good and no tears!

Next week we will cover the letter Kk and also have our Earth Day Celebration on Wednesday. Please refer to the back of your calendar with information regarding what to bring in! Also, PLEASE have your child wear/bring a light jacket…with weather TRYING to change we will try and get the kids outside for big room time or possibly any other time for an activity outside, but if children aren’t dressed appropriately then we won’t be able to. Thank you!

Happy Easter to you and your families! We will see everyone back on Monday! Please email me if you have any questions!