Welcome to Mrs. Kelli’s Preschool Classroom!


This week, we focused on Easter, and the octagon shape


Books we read:

Easter ABC’s

It’s the Easter Bunny



We colored our nursery rhyme page

We shaped play-doh into an octagon

We traced octagons

We used rubber band boards for fine motor practice

We drew and wrote our names on the white board

We colored Easter eggs

We did a jelly bean sorting activity

We  colored over and around a cross taped to paper “He is Risen”

We traced various lines and shapes on Easter eggs

We did a “letter hunt” in Easter grass



We made octagon stop & go signs



We had our Easter parties!  It was so nice to have parents join us for the fun. We had a snack, did a craft, and played some fun games. Thank you SO MUCH   to everyone who donated, &/or came to help out.  We appreciate you!


Wishing you a blessed Easter,


Mrs. Kelli