This week was Y week! We started the week on Tuesday with the theme of yarn art. For morning work, we practiced writing upper and lower case letter Y. In morning centers, we did a cutting page where they had to find the words that start with Y and glue them onto their paper. They also played a game matching the letters that start with Y. For math, they put tangrams together to make the letter Y. Lastly, they cut out the letter Y and hole punched around it for a later activity. For afternoon centers, they laced the Y they made with yarn for some yarn art, colored yo-yos, and found all the Y’s on a page full of letters. Then they did some more practice writing. At the end of the day, they colored the letters of their first and last names and we read some books for story time.

Wednesday was yellow day. It was so bright and cheery to see everyone wearing yellow! For morning work, we practiced our first and last names and phone numbers. For morning centers, they cut and glued the word yellow, made a book of yellow things, and graphed with jellybeans. They also assembled their yo-yos they colored the day before. For specials, we learned about the new letter Y and the new animal Yancy Yak. We learned the new movement and the new sound that goes along with it. At the end of the day, we made bunny ears for their Easter party for the next day and read stories for story time.

Thursday was our Easter party day! Thank you to all the parents that came to help and to those that donated supplies. It was such a fun time! For morning work, they had to find and color all the letter Y’s. For centers, they cut and glued a chick and an egg for their art project, They played a game where they got to assemble a bunny by rolling a dice. They also did an alphabet Easter egg hunt and played an Easter dice game. The Easter bunny even came to visit our school! At the end of the day, we did an Egg-ercises game where they opened up eggs and did the exercise that was inside of them. This was super fun as well! We ended the day with some Easter books for story time. I hope everyone has a great weekend and a wonderful Easter! See you next week for K week.