These last few weeks are FLYING by! Graduation information is starting to come home and us teachers are starting to get things prepared for it! Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! We only have 16 more class days…hard to believe if you ask me! Well we had a fun week of Kk’s this week with Earth Day activities on Wednesday.

Monday: Kickin’ Kangaroos – The day started with our phone number and address writing. We have been practicing these now for almost 2.5 months! Almost all kids know both by heart, which is GREAT! We still need a few other students to keep working hard and we will get it the last few weeks. Some of our centers included a number 20 activity page, the Kk letter find, and coloring the picture inside the K with the Kk sound. We also worked as a group together and completed a loop and learn activity with rhyming, numbers, and shapes. The kids each had their own sheet and after practicing on their own then they acted like the teacher and told everyone the answers! The book I read today was Do Kangaroos Wear Seat Belts?

Tuesday: Kings for the Day – We started working on some things for King and Queen day today so I can’t say too much (wink wink)! The two books I read today were The Koala Who Could and Try a Little Kindness. Things I can inform you that we completed were color, count and write the number of Kk sounding pictures and we practiced writing our Kk’s in QKs. We started our day off with coloring all our Kk items. We go through all the pictures so the students hear different words with the beginning Kk sound.

Wednesday: Earth Day Celebration – We had lots of “trash” brought in to school today and it all went back home with the students! We started the day with a coloring page that said Reduce, Reuse, Recycle. Our earth day activities started at 10am and 1:15pm so we had just a short bit of time in the classroom before we all got together. The students first colored the boy/girl on their page in crayon and on Thursday completed the second half since we did not have enough time. The students used Q-tips and painted in their earth with red, blue and green. Ask your child what the green and blue colors represent! They should be able to tell you. The two books I read today were The Earth Book and The Lorax. I told the kids with parents permission they should watch the movie The Lorax, some came in on Thursday and mentioned to their parents to watch it.

Thursday: High-Flying Kits –  We were busy beavers today! Class started with the students coloring and cutting out their kite and bows, which we constructed after our big room time. During their big room time with Mrs. Jenn and Mrs. Tiffany the students had fun flying kites outside! I call these ghetto kites because all it is is a plastic bag from the store (stracks, target, meijer) and some ribbon or yarn tied to the handles of the bag and the students can run with it in the yard! These can easily be made at home and the classes had fun running around and trying them out! We finally had a decent day to get outside for a short bit! We finished up our Earth Day q-tip painting and then started on some secret dad/mom crafts that you will just have to wait to see! 🙂  The book I read today was called Kite Day and had characters we have seen in a previous book I read last week, Spring is Here.

Next week is our last new letter to cover Qq and we have some fun things planned and then once May arrives we will start reviewing EVERYTHING that we have covered and try to throw some fun days in there also! I hope the decent weather is here to stay so these last few weeks the students can have some fun outside with their friends!

Please let me know if you have any questions and have a great weekend! Definitely get outside and play on Saturday!!!