Hi Parents,

We had a great week with the letter ‘Kk!’ Here’s a snap shot…

On Tuesday our theme was Kindness and Kites. In centers the kids clipped clothes pins on kites with a number on them, they made a kite by cutting out the shapes and gluing them on a separate piece of paper, and they decorated their hats for graduation. In the afternoon the kids did lite brights, made letters with popits, and practiced cutting by cutting lines to kites. We ended the day by putting together puzzles and building with LEGOS while also finishing a special project for Kings and Queens day.

On Wednesday our theme was Knights and Kings. In centers the kids worked on adding, they made a king out of the letter K, and they finished knight/castle patterns by cutting and gluing. In the afternoon the kids rotated through specials with each teacher learning spanish, sign language, phonics, and math. We ended they day by doing a scavenger hunt and then matching all of the cards that were found.

On Thursday we celebrated Earth Day. In the morning the kids watched a Blippi show about garbage and recycling and then they were able to kick all of their recycling outside and put it back in bags. It’s always a fun activity for the kids! In the afternoon we rotated through centers. The kids worked on an Earth Day look and find, they picked up ‘garbage’ (letters on the floor) and then wrote the letter they found, and they matched pictures to cards around the room about helping our earth. We ended the day with art and made a cool earth with blue and green squares and glued a heart in the middle. I hope you enjoyed seeing those!

Next week is our last letter, which is ‘Qq,’ before we spend May reviewing. This year has flown by! Looking forward to being¬† here on Tuesday, then I will be out Wednesday and Thursday. See you all at Kings and Queens Day!

Take Care,