This week was K week! Tuesday was Kites and Kindness Day. We started off the day coloring a kite page. For morning centers, we made graduation handprints and practiced our cutting learning the letter K. The kids had to decide what words start with K and glue them onto their papers. They played with tangrams to make the letter K and cut out shapes to make a kite! For afternoon centers, they counted kites and clipped the number they counted. They also did an ABC matching card game to match the upper and lower case letters of the alphabet. For writing practice, they had to write where they would go if they were a kite and also practiced writing their upper and lower case letter K. At the end of the day they finished making their kites and we learned how to draw a bunny. They had a lot of fun doing this! For story time we read some book about kindness.

Wednesday was Knights and Kings Day! We started off the day practicing writing our first and last names and phone numbers. For morning centers, they practiced writing by answering questions about their dads since their dads are kings :). They also practiced writing all the letters of the alphabet. For math, they did patterns and had to figure out which was next in the pattern. They also did a K is for Knight page to practice their cutting. For specials, we learned a new letter K and the sound and motion that goes along with it. The new animal is Kayo Kangaroo and they had so much fun with the new karate move for this letter sound! At the end of the day, we finished up our dad questions and read some K stories for story time.

Thursday was our Earth Day celebration! We started off the day coloring a reduce reuse recycle page. For our party, the kids got to watch a recycling video and then Mrs. Trish came in to talk about what can be recycled and why we recycle. After that, they got to go outside and kick all the recycling items. They had so much fun doing this! For centers, they cut and glued K words for a kangaroo, did an Earth day ISPY, and colored a page based on the color and symbol that went together. For art, they glued blue and green squares for water and land onto an Earth and then colored an Earth page however they wanted Earth to look like. At the end of the day, we talked about things that make the Earth happy and things that make the Earth sad. For story time, we read books about recycling. I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend! See you next week for Q week, our last letter for the school year 🙂