Tuesday was Queen Day! We started the morning coloring a Q for queen page. For morning centers, the kids answered questions about their Mom and colored a page for her. They also decorated their crowns for kings and queens day. For math, they practiced with ten frames and teen numbers. They used beautiful gems for this activity! For phonics and cutting practice they cut out the letters to spell queen and had to sound out the letters to put them in order. In afternoon centers, they finished making their crowns and mom questions. For math, they practiced making tallies using pretzel sticks and had to differentiate p’s and q’s in a sorting/cutting activity. At the end of the day, we made handprint/fingerprint art projects for moms and dads, shhh its a secret! We ended the day with a story.

Wednesday was Quarters Day! They started the morning practicing their first and last names and phone numbers. For morning centers, they practiced writing the letter Q since its their new letter of the week. They took quarters and put it underneath their papers and rubbed crayons on top of the paper to get the detail of the quarter on their Q paper. They practiced patterns with coins and had to decide which coin came next in the pattern. Lastly they did a Q cutting page where they had to cut out pictures that begin with the letter Q and glue them on. For phonics, we learned the new letter Q along with the animal, the movement, and the sound. Queeny Quail was a perfect animal for this week and the kids always have fun with ZooPhonics! At the end of the day, the kids finished up their kings and queens day projects and any makeup work for the week. We have been watching our caterpillars grow and they are getting so big! We ended the day with story time.

Thursday was Quilts Day! We started the morning with a Q quilt writing and coloring page. For morning centers, the kids made a family quilt where they had to draw their family and color the different squares. They also did a rhyming quilt to practice figuring out which pictures rhyme with each other. This was also a great cutting activity for them! They also made quilts and letter Qs with fruit loops. Lastly, they took strips of paper and weaved their own colorful quilts! For art we did Q-tip painting onto a letter Q. They had a lot of fun with this! At the end of the day, we made Q books and talked about different words that begin with Q. They traced the words and colored the pages of their books. We ended the day with a few stories. Hope you have a great weekend! See you on Kings and Queens Day!