This week was “B” week! Tuesday the theme was bugs. We started the morning practicing writing our first, last names and phone numbers. For morning centers, we did our April writing sample and drew a Spring flower to go along with it. They practiced writing upper and lower case Bb and counted spots on ladybugs. They also played a game matching opposites. For afternoon centers, we practiced those tricky b’s and d’s. They cut out the letters and glue them in the correct column. They counted caterpillars and laid them on the floor making a huge caterpillar. They did a color by number and rolled dice to count bugs. At the end of the day, we did a count the room where they had to go around the big room and count the number of bees and write them on their clipboards. They always love doing these! We read some bug books to end the day.

Wednesday our theme was brown bear, brown bear so of course we read the book during circle time. For morning work, they had to find all the upper and lower case Bb’s. For writing, they had to decide what they saw for example, Mrs. Brenda, Mrs. Brenda, what do you see? I see a blue bird looking at me. Then they drew and colored that animal. This was fun to see what color and animal they chose! They played a rhyming matching game with their friends. For math, they rolled a dice and counted to get the bear back to his cave. For cutting practice, they cut out words that begin with the letter B and glue them onto their paper. For phonics, we learned the new letter B and the animal and sound that goes with it. Bubba Bear likes to eat honey so they learned the new motion with the b sound. In the afternoon, we did an animal colors activity. I read a sentence and the had to color each animal a certain color. During story time, we read some more B books.

Thursday was butterfly day! We started the day coloring and decorating our own butterflies. During circle time, we went over the life cycle of a butterfly going from egg to caterpillar to the chrysalis to the butterfly. During centers, they learned how to draw a butterfly step by step and did a color by shape activity. For math, they practiced patterns and counted out little butterflies and put them on their leaves. For art, we made handprint butterflies and cut out the letter B and glued pieces together to made their own bees. At the end of the day, we did a class activity to put the butterfly life cycle in order from first to last. For story time, we read a couple fun butterfly books!