Hi Parents,

We had a great last week of school before break! Here’s a snap shot…

On Tuesday the theme was Christmas trees and Christmas cards. In centers the kids completed Christmas tree 10 frames with Christmas erasers, cut and glued snowy trees by size, and stacked green and red cups to make a Christmas tree. In the afternoon, they worked on numbers with snap cubes, used kinetic sand with Christmas cookie cutters, and made their Christmas cards. The snow man stamps worked out great and the cards turned out so cute! We ended the day by packing the bags with their Christmas gifts for you guys. The kids worked hard on those and were so proud of them! hopefully you enjoyed them.

On Wednesday was our Holiday party! The kids were able to rotate through and play 4 different games and then play BINGO with their snack of M&M’s, marshmallows, and teddy grahams, as the markers. They had a blast! In the afternoon we did fun centers. The kids rolled a dice and hooked that many bows onto a candy cane, they stuck stickers on silly faces, and made Christmas trees with magna-tiles and jingle bells. We ended the day with our gift exchange. Hopefully your child loved the fun little gift he/she opened!!

On Thursday we ended the week with Ugly sweater day. In centers the kids rolled dice to make a reindeer, used red and green popsicle sticks to make different pictures on cards they were given, and they measured lines on the table with bows. In the afternoon we played a game called Jumping Jack and also did charades. We ended the day with a scavenger hunt. It was such a fun day!

I hope you all enjoy the Holidays! I’ll look forward to seeing you January 4th!!

Take Care,