Hi Parents,

We had a great week talking about the letter ‘Cc!’ Here’s a snap shot…

On Tuesday our theme was Candy Cane Kindness. In centers the kids did a Christmas graphing sheet, put stripes on a candy cane with paper clips, and wrote letters in sand with plastic candy canes. They also made candy canes with beads and pipe cleaners. In the afternoon they made letters with rubber bands on GEO boards, filled bottles with rice using funnels, and did our monthly coloring/writing page. We ended the day by doing a gingerbread ‘write the room.’ Different gingerbread faces were around the room and the kids had to take a clip board around and write the feeling word that described each face. This was a good challenge for them! We will definitely be doing more of these.

On Wednesday our theme was clouds. In centers they used their finger prints and ink to stamp rain drops under clouds that had numbers on them, they did a creative writing project about clouds, and glued cotton balls onto shapes making them clouds. In the afternoon they built a small train car, worked on letter puzzles, and decorated the bags that their Christmas gifts will come home in. We ended the day by ‘feeding the cloud’ rain drops with pictures on them. They had to find the letter that the word started with and then could feed the cloud. This was a challenging activity! We are working more and more on beginning sounds.

On Thursday our theme was ‘If you Give A Mouse A Cookie.’ Of course we read the book! In centers the kids counted cookies into a cookie jar, matched beginning sounds with the correct letter cookie, they colored by letter, and finished a pattern sheet. They also had a chance to decorate and then eat a cookie! The kids loved it. In the afternoon the kids build with LEGO’s, stacked wooden blocks, and worked on an activity with me circling what didn’t belong and matching beginning sounds from our book. We ended the day with art and made a Christmas tree. You will get to see this project next week. They turned out so cute!!

Next week is our last week before break. Don’t forget to bring a $5 gift for our party on Wednesday and the kids ugly sweaters on Thursday!!

Take Care,