Hi Parents,

What a crazy week with all of the snow! I’m glad we were able to get 1 day in of in person learning. I hope elearning for the last 2 days went well, I tried to keep it simple. Even though the week looked different, here is a snapshot with the letter ‘Hh.’

On Tuesday our theme was Houses. In morning centers, the kids put together number puzzles with pictures of numbers, dice, ten frames, and tally marks, they cut and glued words that start with the letter H on to a house, and they cut out shapes to make a house. They also practiced writing upper and lowercase Hh. In the afternoon, the kids built houses with blocks, made snowflakes with geo boards, and wrote their addresses on the houses that they cut and glued earlier in centers. This was a challenge for them! I tried to break down their address for them, (the number on the house, the street, the town and the state) so it isn’t so confusing. You can help reinforce this as you talk about your address at home. We ended the day with finishing our letter H sound papers and playing a game. Ask your child about Pencil Nose!

I have started to read a series of simple chapter books to the class. They are the Mercy Watson books by Kate DiCamillo. The chapters are short and there are still pictures for the kids to see. Ask your child who Mercy is and what his first adventure was. We are almost finished with the first book. There are 6 books in the series plus a story book at the very beginning, which I read last week. Reading these books helps reinforce themes and characters over a period of time so the kids can remember and answer questions about the stories. They are such fun books!

On Wednesday we had our first elearning day. The theme was crazy hats and hair, so I posted some hair cutting sheets, and a hat to make in the afternoon. I also posted some hat books like ‘Old Hat, New Hat’ and ‘Hooray for Hats.’ I saved my favorite hat books to read when we are back in person. Hopefully this was a good day for you and that our google classroom was easy to navigate!

Thursday was our second elearning day. The theme was hearts. I posted an outline of a heart to cut out and then hole punch and lace, and also a heart page to count and color. I also posted 2 heart books and a few fun songs for brain breaks. Hopefully you had time to utilize the counting boom cards! Those are new (to me), but they are fun and interactive. A lot of the other heart things that I had planned I’ll use our week of Valentine’s Day.

I’m looking forward to being in person again next week with the letter ‘Ll!’

Take Care,