Hi!!! This week was a crazy week with the two snow days. Hopefully, you all were able to get on Google Classroom and do some of the activities that I had posted. Hope you had fun!!!!

This week we focused on the letter Hh. We talked about the sound the letter Hh makes and words that begin with the letter Hh. We came up with house, hair, heart, horse and hippo.

On Tuesday, we focused on activities related to home/house. For start-up, we worked on a find the letter Hh page. We read the book Pete the Cat and His White Shoes. During centers, we worked on heart ten frames, did the Hh says /h/ cutting page, wrote the letter Hh in different sizes, built houses out of construction paper cut outs, worked on a Hh is for House activity page, heart shaped tanagrams, and built houses with popsicle sticks. In the afternoon, we worked on our telephone numbers by using paper plates numbers in the order of how they are on a telephone. We had fun doing that with Mrs. Brandi!!!

Wednesday was our first snow day. We worked on activities that were put on Google Classroom. We listened to a letter Hh song, did an interactive alphabet matching and colors, practiced cutting, did a fine motor activity, and designed a hat. We listened to a letter Hh story. For specials, we did an interactive beginning sound activity, listened to a phonics song, Spanish number song, Spanish colors song, “See It, Say It, Sign It’ song, and a Count to 100 song.

Thursday, we had another snow day. We listened to Hedgehog Heart story. We did an I Spy alphabet game, worked with 10 frames interactively, practiced writing our names, did a letter Aa cutting page, worked on our address and phone numbers, and listened to a how to write the letter Hh video. For fun, we went outside and built snowmen and sent pictures!!

I know it was a crazy week and I thank all of you for all your patience. This was the first time using Google Classroom and I haven’t heard any problems that anyone had with the classroom. Thank you again!!!

As always, if you ever have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Until next week,

Mrs. Brandi