Hello! Hope you all had a wonderful week celebrating Valentines Day with your Family. We had fun at our parties this week!

For our Valentines Party we decorated bags, and had a sweet treat, we decorated sugar cookies with frosting and Valentine sprinkles.

For our games we played ring toss, Cupids Arrow- (using a straw blow a qtip into a heart shaped bowl), and Heart hop- hopping to different hearts balancing a bean bag on our head.

We read The Love Monster and shared Valentine treats with our friends.

On Wed/Thursday our focus was the Letter V. We made a flower Vase with our fingers in paint and read the story Vegetables in Underwear.

For our centers we colored our V ABC page, practiced writing a V on the writing boards, rainbow write a letter V, Matched counting chips to numbers. The kids brought in their favorite animal to share and played with a Vet kit to make sure their animals were healthy.

On Thursday we learned from home and many kids did not get to make the Vase craft or bring in their animal to share so we will make this up with them on another day. I hope you stayed safe and enjoyed the day snuggled up at home! Have a great weekend!

Mrs. Kristina