Happy Valentine’s Day!

We had a good week and unfortunately got only 3 days in person in this week with Thursday being a google classroom day.

Monday 14th: Valentine’s Day Party! We had time to go to the big room for some activities out of the class. We had 3 stations that we rotated through…bag decorating for our goods to go in, snack (Golden Grahams, mini marshmallows, M&Ms-S’mores mix), and lastly we played musical hearts! After going through all three stations we then got our valentine’s we had made for our friends and took turns giving each of our friends our treats. I think next year we may need bigger bags! Some of the treat bags were BIG! Once we finished handing out our Valentine’s to our friends we headed back to the class to complete our name heart craft! Students searched through the alphabet beads to find their letters in their name and had extra pony beads to finish it up. Lastly, I read 2 Valentine books: Click, Clack, Moo I Love You and Love, Splat. The kids enjoyed both books!

Tuesday 15th: Vibrant Veggies-We started our day with a find the Vv color page. Our centers we completed today included coloring our Eat Your Veggies page, practicing our letter Vv page in our QK, count the Valentine items in each row and write the number in the box, and lastly completing the heart by matching the same beginning sound. The last center was done with me at my center and we definitely need to keep practicing at home letter sounds…have your child try and find matching beginning sounds in your home. If you mention an item, see if they can find a match! Two books I read today were: Slugs in Love and a class favorite Vegetables in Underwear!

Wednesday 16th: ABC Vet Clinic- We began our day with practice writing our phone numbers and addresses in our QK. The centers we had today were completing our February Writing and Coloring page, Vv word color page, cut/paste/color Valentine pattern page and lastly we made Dr. ________ Vet badges and had fun drawing our favorite animals on dry erase boards for me to try and guess what their favorite animal is. Some had detailed drawings where others were very abstract! At the end of class, I drew different animals on the dry erase board to see if students could guess my drawings. Each student guessed an animal and added a sticker to their Vet badge. The book I read today was I Want To Be A Veterinarian. We discussed the different types of veterinarians that there are.

Thursday 17th: Google Classroom : Inclement weather day

Things that we were going to do hands on in class on Thursday we will complete on Monday. Next week we will be covering the letter D and will continue with our numbers 15/16 for the month and hearts and rectangles. Crazy to think that one more week and March will be here already! I am ready for this weather to be over with and Spring to come ASAP!

If you have any questions, please email me MrsAimeeABC@gmail.

I will see everyone on Monday! Have a good weekend and stay safe in the silly weather!