We are finished with our last full week of February! Crazy that went by fast!!! We covered the letter Dd this week and reviewed more our numbers 15 and 16 for the month along with our shape heart and reviewing rectangle.

Monday: Dialing Phone Numbers- We started the day practicing our last names. We had an activity that we needed to complete from last Thursday the 17th that was a google classroom day. We created our V is for vampire bat craft. Also continuing to work on our phone numbers, we wrote them down and practiced dialing them on our fake paper phones. I also had the students say the numbers aloud while practice dialing them. Keep working at home with phone numbers (mom’s cell) and home addresses! After we practiced our phone numbers we dialed them on the door and then played a few rounds of number bingo, which was the students favorite for the day! Books I read today were If You Give A Dog A Donut and The Dinky Donkey.

Tuesday AND Wednesday: Double Dinosaur Days- We had lots of fun with our dinosaur days and we have so much to do that we have it be two days worth! Things we did in centers and crafts included a creative writing/thinking activity if the students had a pet dinosaur, cut/paste/color matching dinosaur bodies to their tails, A-Z a-z dinosaur letter match, memory with dinosaurs (students caught on and tried peeking through the paper to cheat a little, lil stinkers!), find the letter Dd in the letter scramble, dinosaur coloring page, I Spy dinosaur sheet, and lastly creating our steg headbands/hats! The headbands hopefully at least made it home in one piece for you to see it! They enjoyed making them and wearing them, compliments were given on how neat they all looked! Pictures were taken so you will hopefully see the class of dinos at graduation! The books we read for our two dinosaur days included I Love You, Stinky Face!, We Don’t Eat Our Classmates, Dinosaurs Love Underpants, Pete the Cat: Cavecat Pete, and How do Dinosaurs Choose their Pet?.

Thursday: Dental Health Day- We created our D is for deer craft to start the day, the students did well completing this independently with my sample on the board while I was outside at arrival! We created models of mouths using marshmallows as teeth, which will be going home on Monday-took much glue was used to go home on Thursday! Students also cut/paste/colored different food items that were healthy for our teeth and which were bad. We ended the day watching a short video about dental health and how important it is to brush and floss our teeth daily! We had a few minutes left in big room before getting packed up and played a quick few rounds of duck duck goose! The two books I read today were Clark the Shark-Tooth Trouble and Dr. Seuss’ The Tooth Book.

Next week may be one of my favorite of the year…Dr. Seuss’ birthday is on Wednesday and we are having a Seuss themed week!!! Next week we will be covering different Dr. Seuss books and having lots of fun creating some fun crafts and even sampling some green eggs and ham on Wednesday! It is always fun seeing the kids faces when the green eggs are brought out!

Have a great weekend and if you have any questions please email me at MrsAimeeABC@gmail.com!