Hi Parents,

We had a fun week with the letter ‘Dd!’ Unfortunately, I was out sick Tuesday and Wednesday, so I missed both dinosaur days, my favorite! I was able to teach about dental health Thursday though. The kids had a great week, here’s a snapshot…

On Tuesday in centers the kids measured dinosaurs with unifix cubes, wrote about their own dinosaur, and used kinetic sand and molds to make an entire dinosaur. In the afternoon they cut out the letter D and all the parts to glue on to make it look like a dinosaur. So much cutting! but they turned out great and are hanging in our classroom. The kids ended the day by playing a T-Rex game. You have to carefully place the bones on the dinosaur, or he will shake. It’s a fun one!

On Wednesday in centers the kids did graphing with small dinosaurs, made dinosaurs with pattern blocks, and made a dinosaur by using rub plates and crayons. In the afternoon the kids rotated through specials learning spanish, sign language, phonics, and math. They ended the day with the T-Rex game and reading.

On Thursday our theme was dental health. In centers the kids rolled a die and covered numbers on teeth, they wrote letters on a giant mouth with teeth and cleaned them off with toothbrushes, and matched tooth rhyming cards. In the afternoon the kids practiced flossing on huge LEGO blocks with yarn and playdough, they counted marshmallows (the teeth) onto a mouth with a number above it, and played the crocodile teeth game. Ask your kids about this game, it’s hilarious! They rolled a dice and then had to push down that many teeth inside the crocodile’s mouth. At any moment he bites your finger! Some didn’t play and just watched, but most of the kids loved it. We ended the day with art and made dinosaurs out of construction paper shapes. They could only use paper for their dinosaur so grass, eyes, nose, mouth, sun, etc. were all made with paper. They turned out great and will go up in the hallway next week.

I can’t believe next week is March already! For the whole week our theme will be Dr. Seuss. I’m really excited, we have so many fun things planned!

Take Care,