SEUSS WEEK OF FUN! I had fun doing Seuss centers, activities, food sampling and making crafts with the kids this week! I had our days activities revolve around the daily Seuss themes we had for each day.

Monday- One Fish, Two Fish: The centers we had today included sorting and graphing our colored goldfish (and sampling when we were finished with the center!), created our own goldfish patterns, stamped our hands to make fish in a bowl, practiced tapping out our phone numbers on the door phone, and clipped out our phone numbers! The books we read today were One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish and  The Digging-est Dog. This week I will read the theme book each day along with other Seuss books. I tried to pick ones that maybe they haven’t heard before! The Digging-est Dog was one of those! We started our day coloring our tooth superhero for the last day of February/Dental Health month.

Tuesday- Cat in the Hat: Your child may have came out of school looking like a cat! I myself was dressed to be Cat in the Hat and the students enjoyed making their hats and getting their whiskers and noses drawn on. Some opted for just whiskers and others wanted none. We got a class picture that you will see at graduation! Our centers included: completing a writing activity If the Cat came in my house I would…, cut out and we stapled their rhyming word book together, we stacked cups and paper to make a “hat”, and lastly played Tic Tac Cat with a partner. We started the day coloring and cutting out our Hats so we were ready to wear them all day! The books I read today included The Cat in the Hat, I am NOT going to get up today, and Dr. Seuss’ ABC’s.

Wednesday- Green Eggs and Ham: Today was Dr. Seuss’ birthday and he would have been 118 years old! He passed away in 1991. We started our day with a Happy Birthday Dr. Seuss coloring page…some colored this very nicely! We had a short time in class before we got to go down and hear our story Green Eggs and Ham and got to sample green eggs and ham. We made predictions if we thought we would like them and when we got back we completed our sheet by drawing what our plate looked like and then saying what we thought of our sampling. After we sampled the eggs and ham, which some were a fan and others were not, we came back to the room and drew our favorite thing to eat. I also read two other Seuss books, Would You Rather Be A Bullfrog? and I Wish I Had Duck Feet.

Thursday- Thing 1 and Thing 2: The students started the day by coloring a page that had Cat and the Hat and Thing 1 and Thing 2. We walked out of school looking like a bunch of things! We made some fun thing hats today! Again, pictures will be at graduation! After we constructed our hats, we created our own Designer Socks, played some Tic Tac Cat again and completed a Truffula Tree A-Z letter match. We made the A-Z Truffula Tree letter match a contest within the class. The morning class worked with a partner and the afternoon class worked independently! The books I read today were The Cat and the Hat Comes Back, Fox in Socks, and Marvin K. Mooney Will You Please Leave?.

I think the students had a fun Seuss theme week! I enjoyed making all the crafts and centers with and for them! Some things may not have gone home and you will see them at graduation! I keep some things and return at the end of the year!

Next week we will start the letter Uu and have some fun things planned the next 2 weeks before spring break. Please let me know if you have any questions!

Have a great weekend! I see possible nice weather on Saturday!!!