This week we covered the letter Ll, the months numbers 15 & 16, and our shape the heart. We will continue to review rectangle as that seemed to be a tricky one across the board when we were doing middle of the year evaluations. Our colors for the month are pink and purple.

Monday: We started the day with practicing our names in quick kits (QK). Some of our centers included: counting how many letters were in our last name which went together with another center/activity, cutting out the number of hearts needed for our last names (will continue this activity tomorrow), rainbow wrote our last names, and completed an A-Z and a-z heart matching page in QK. The books that we read today were: Do Not Lick This Book and Don’t Let the Pigeon Stay Up Late. We have already been working hard on our last names and being able to spell them aloud without looking and doing a GREAT job at this! Ask your child to spell their first and last name without looking at it, they may surprise you! 🙂

Tuesday: The start up activity was practicing writing our letter of the week Ll. Our centers included: building with small connector pieces, filling in the missing lowercase letters in the hearts-some letters were given, used our jumbo tweezers to roll and put that many pom poms on the heart and flower valentine day mats, and lastly we wrote letters/drew pictures to the new students starting next school year to tell them about our favorite thing at ABC. We had a variety of answers that included: dancing in big room, crafts, seeing my friends, reading books, and puzzles were just some of the students’ responses!

Wednesday: Start up included practicing our phone numbers and addresses which I try to practice one or the other at least once a day. This is something that can always be worked on at home as well! We were busy making our letter H is for Horse activity that we didn’t get to last week with the 2 snow days. We also completed our heart-a-pillars that have our last names and pictures on them! They turned out cute! You will see these at the end of the year. Lastly, we completed our finger puppet ladybugs. The students were busy making and finishing up a lot of crafts today. I think they enjoyed the book at the end of the day the most, Monster’s LOVE Underpants!

Thursday: Students started their day right away working hard cutting out their pieces to make our L is for Lizard. We have seen some progress in some of our scissor skills and others still need practice. We cut usually once a day if not more if we have centers or crafts that we are working on. We also completed a craft that will go home on Monday for their mom and dads. The two books we read today were: Lyle, Lyle Crocodile and Little Critter-Just A Little Love.

MONDAY is our Valentine’s Day Party! IF you have red or pink wear those colors to school Monday! The students will have a snack and get to exchange their valentine’s if they bring them in! We will decorate a bag for students to bring home all their goodies with!

A reminder: AM class has total of 12 students, PM class has a total of 8 students. If you volunteered to donate an item and haven’t sent it in already, you can with your child on Monday not a problem! I thank you for the donations! It is appreciated!

If you have any questions, please email me

We will cover the letter Vv next week, see everyone back on Monday! Have a good weekend! 🙂