Week of February 21st- 24th

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Numbers and Letters:

H, L, V, D

15 and 16

Colors this Week:

Pink and Purple

Shape of the Week:


Mon: Dialing phone numbers

  • Today practiced writing our addresses and phone numbers.
  • Then we practiced saying out phone numbers outloud and practiced finding the numbers.
  • We then did a color, cut, paste letter d.
  • Finally we worked on our volcanoes some more!

Tues: Double duty dino days

  • Today we finished our volcanoes by drawing a sun and painting our hands green and making handprint stegosaurus’s!
  • Then we had fun with dinosaurs on our dino mat.
  • We then did a dino match game
  • Finally we danced like dinos.

Wed: double duty dino day

  • Today we painted our hands green and made handprint brachiosaurus.
  • Then we practiced writing Capital letter D.
  • Then we did dinosaurs on letter D.
  • Finally we did dinosaur number math game.

Thurs: Dental heath day

  • Today we used tooth brushes and painted a tooth!
  • Then we practiced writing letter D
  • We then then did tanagram letters and played a Alligator tooth game.
  • Finally, we watched a dental health movie and did a cut and paste activity on what is good and bad for our teeth.


  • Tooth Trouble

  • Duck, duck, dinosaur!
  • Three little dinosaurs
  • I wish I had a dinosaur
  • Trouble at the dinosaur Cafe
  • How do dinosaurs choose their pets

Thank you for all the Birthday wishes and gifts!!


Mrs. Nichole

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