Hi Parents,

We had a fun week with the letter ‘Ss!’ Here’s a snap shot…

On Tuesday our theme was snowmen. In centers the kids counted buttons onto a snowman, they cut and glued shapes to make a snowman, and they matched beginning sounds by marking letters in a snow globe. In the afternoon, they used snowman cookie cutters with kinetic sand, rolled a die and covered numbers in a snow globe, and finished their snowman shapes. We ended the day by painting the background for our art project on Thursday and also made a snowman with the letter S.

On Wednesday our theme was sports. In centers the kids tossed cotton balls into little helmets, they made their own jersey by writing their last name and cutting out the jersey, and they practiced writing the letter ‘Ss.’ They also did a sports look and find. This week we started specials again so in the afternoon the kids rotated through all 4 classrooms for zoo phonics, spanish, sign language, and math/science. The kids ended the day by playing a sports game, building with blocks and finishing their jerseys.

On Thursday our theme was Super Hero’s. In centers the kids did super hero graphing, finished super hero patterns, and did a creative writing where they said what their super hero name was and their super power. They also made their mask that they wore home. They loved the masks! In the afternoon the kids stacked blocks and put super hero’s on them, laced our letters for this month, and finished a snowman dot poking activity. I love doing these and the kids think it’s fun to use push pins! We finished the day with art. They made a city skyline with themselves flying above it. They turned out cute and will be on their boards at the end of the year.

Next week we will talk about the letter ‘Ii.’ Looking forward to it!

Take Care,