This week we focused on the letter Xx. We talked about what sound the Xx makes and the very few words that start with the letter Xx, like x-ray, x-ray fish and xylophone. We also reviewed all the letters that we focused on this month.

On Tuesday, we focused on activities with “X marks the spot”.  For start-up, we did a letter Xx find page. We read the books How to Build a Snow Bear and Snowmen at Night. During centers, we did an igloo counting, did “The Xx says /x/” cutting page, wrote our Xx in different sizes, match upper and lowercase ABCs with a treasure theme and counted out treasure coins with flash cards. For art, we finished up our igloo project from last week. In the afternoon, we went on a treasure hunt in the big room while finding the pieces for our treasure map.

On Wednesday, we had an x-ray day. For start-up, we traced/wrote our numbers 11-20. We read the book The Snowy Day. During centers, we rolled dice and counted out that many bones (Q-tips), looked through magnify glasses with our animal x-ray matching activity, traced/wrote the letter Xx, and practiced spelling out our last names with a say it, build it, write it page. We also learned how to do tally marks with our tally mark song.

On Thursday, we focused on words that end with the letter Xx. We talked about how box, fox, mix, and fix end with the letter x. For start-up, we traced and wrote our first and last names. We read the books It’s Not a Box and Snow Puppy. We kind of switched around our day a little bit. For art, we made x-rays by tracing our hands and arm and glued Q-tips to look like bones. We also did an X is for xylophone craft and finished putting together our treasure maps.  Next week, we will finish our “It’s not a Box” creative writing. 

I really enjoyed meeting with all of you last week for parent/teacher conferences. I was glad to show off some of the work we have been doing and talk to you about your child’s progress. 

As always, please do not hesitate to contact me if you ever have any questions.

Until next week,

Mrs. Brandi