Week of January 10th- 14th

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Numbers and Letters:

S,I, X,W

13 and 14

Colors this Week:

Black and White

Shape of the Week:


Mon: Winter Animals

  • The Mitten Story Sequence
  • Snow flake boom cards
  • My Mitten story book
  • Mitten Write and Decorate.

Tues: Winter Wonderland

  • Snow flake counting- Boom cards
  • Snow ball fight game- upper/lowercase letters
  • Snow globe writing
  • ABC cut & paste matching

Wed: White and Black Day

  • How many Mittens
  • Winter letter sounds- Boom cards
  • Letter W writing
  • Name tracing-squishy bags
  • Exploding snowman experiment- science

Thurs: Wacky Clothes Day

  • Mitten color a pattern
  • Snowman letters- Boom cards
  • Tracing Letter W
  • Winter mitten graph

Fri: Weather

  • Cloud Counting
  • Umbrella ABC Letter Match
  • Cloud Writing
  • Sunshine Letter Sounds
  • Wind blow painting- Art
  • Cloud in a jar- Science


  • Animals in Winter

  • The Mitten
  • Winter is for Snow
  • Why I Love Winter
  • Alpa Tales Letter W
  • Sneezy the Snowman
  • Little Cloud
  • Raondrops

Reminder: See you back in the classroom on Monday!


Mrs. Nichole

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