Week of January 17th- 20th

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Numbers and Letters:


13 and 14

Colors this Week:

Black and White

Shape of the Week:


Mon: Words with X

  • Today we counted orally and counted objects.
  • We then had fun with foam letters.
  • Then we made a letter X book.
  • Finally we identified body parts. Head, shoulders, knees, and toes.

Tues: X-Rays

  • Today we had fun in art making X-rays. We used black paper, q-tips, glue, and a white crayon.
  • Then practiced simple and advanced patterns.
  • We then color, cut, paste letter X.
  • Finally we worked on rhyming words.

Wed: Xylophone Fun!

  • Today for Science we made a Xylophone using mason jars, water in different measurements, and food coloring.
  • Then practiced our numbers.
  • We then practiced writing capital X
  • Finally we talked about things that don’t belong.

Thurs: X Marks the Spot

  • Today we practiced making our own patterns!
  • Then we made X’s in shaving cream!
  • We then practiced writing lowercase X.
  • Finally we color, cut, paste letter S.


  • Big Snow

  • Zoomer’s summer snowstorm

  • There was a cold lady who swallowed some snow.
  • Let it Snow
  • Snowmen at Work

Reminder: We are eating ice cream on Thursday!


Mrs. Nichole

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