Happy New Year!

Welcome back! Sometimes this week can be hard for kids to come back after a long break, but all the kids did awesome this week!! It was so nice to be back in the classroom again!

On Mon/Tue we practiced counting to 5. We read Even SuperHeros have Bad days, and traced our hands to count our 5 fingers!

In our centers we matched shapes, counted chain links as we put them together, matched ABCs, squeezed water from sponges, wrote on the writing boards.

We counted to 5 several times throughout the day with different exercises.

On Tues/Wed we switched to the letter I and got to eat Ice Cream. We read Curious George goes to the Ice Cream Shop.

In our centers we colored our I ABC page, traced names, went over colors, painted with ice cubes, counted Pom poms.

We had a fun week back and I am excited for all the things we get to learn this second half of the year!

I hope everyone can stay healthy and safe! Please reach out if I can help with anything!

Mrs. Kristina