Week of January 31- February 3

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Numbers and Letters:

H, L, V, D

15 and 16

Colors this Week:

Pink and Purple

Shape of the Week:


Mon: Home numbers and addresses

  • Today we had fun learning our phone number and addresses.
  • We used the numbers on the door to pretend to dial home!
  • Then we practiced tracing our phone numbers and addresses.
  • Finally we our February monthly coloring sheet.

Tues: Learning with Candy Hearts

  • Today we had fun with science. We did a candy heart experiment with four different liquids. Water, soda, vinegar, and water. We we looking to see if the hearts sink or float and which liquid made the heart dissolve. Soda won!
  • Then we had fun sorts hearts by color.
  • We then traced uppercase letter H.
  • Finally we did a heart matching game.

Wed: Groundhog Day!

  • Did the groundhog see his shadow? Alot of you said Yes!
  • We made groundhog hats.
  • Then we did a groundhog day writing activity.
  • Finally we did a shadow coloring activity.

Thurs: Crazy hat day

  • Did you make a snowman? So glad to hear that most of you have! ❤️
  • Then we worked on a cut and paste activity that you place your numbers in order from 1-20.
  • We then did a design your own hat activity. The pictures are awesome!
  • Finally we did a hat letter h writing activity.


  • Groundhog day story

  • Alpha tales letter h
  • Do you have a hat
  • Snowman magic

Thanks so much for the pictures! I love seeing everyone’s work! I hope you had a good couple of snow days and you spent some time outside enjoying it. I miss you guys and can’t wait to see you on Monday.


Mrs. Nichole

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