This week we focused on the letter Gg. We talked about the sound the Gg makes and words that begin with that letter. We came up with gardening, gumballs, guitar, grapes, growing, and the colors green and gray.

On Tuesday, we focused on things around gardening and growing. For start-up, we practiced tracing/writing our names and addresses. We read the book The Tiny Seed. For centers, we measured how tall different size flowers were, did our Gg cut and paste page, matched our ABCs with sunflower themed cards, and counted out the corresponding number of beads with flower themed number plates and pipe cleaners. For afternoon centers, we practiced tracing/writing the letter Gg, colored the Gg purple and red on a grape coloring page, did our Rainbow Fish creative writing from last week, and counted out the correct number of blocks with a rainbow tower mats with dominoes on them. We also planted our grass seed and are going to watch them grow each day.

On Wednesday, we focused around the theme of gumballs. For start-up, we found the letter Gg with a gumball coloring page. We read the books The Grumpy Morning and Go Away, Big Green Monster. For centers, we did a gumball which has more or less activity page, used playdoh to make our letters with ABC mats, matched the beginning sound to the letter, and used magnets to make the letter Gg and gumballs with a gumball themed page. In the afternoon, we had specials and colored our March monthly writing and coloring page. 

On Thursday, we focused on St. Patrick’s Day and the color green. For start-up, we colored a shamrock. We read two books about St. Patrick’s Day. For centers, we matched numbers with ten frames, colored a St. Patrick’s Day color by number, played the Lucky Letters game, and counted out the corresponding number of pom poms with St. Patrick Days number mats. For art, we cut out the letter G and made a gumball machine with bingo dabbers. At the end of the day, we talked about the life cycle of a sunflower and did an activity using what we learned.

Please enjoy the next week off for Spring Break!!!! Hopefully, the weather will cooperate!!!

Until next week,

Mrs. Brandi