We had a fun week and even better that we had some decent spring weather finally making an appearance! The letter we focused on this week was Gg and continued our numbers 17, 18 and shapes diamond and rectangle.

Monday: Go Go Gorilla! Wear Gray Day- Today we started the day practicing our first and last names in our QKs. Our centers included completing our March writing/coloring sample, an all about Gg mini book, identified the pictures that begin with the Gg sound inside a large G, and finished a #18 activity page with cutting/pasting/writing/coloring 18 items. We also had a few books today that included: Still A Gorilla, You Get What You Get, and Click, Click Good Night. We also had on the calendar to wear gray today one of our monthly colors we cover.

Tuesday: Gumballs for All- Our day started off by practicing writing our upper and lowercase Gg’s. The centers we completed today were matching the number on the gumball machine to the correct number of gumballs in the ten frames. The cards were cut like puzzle pieces so the students were able to check their work and know if they counted correctly. There was a blank gumball machine and students picked either 17 or 18 and had to draw/color that many gumballs in their blank machine and write the number correctly. Lastly, the students had to locate the lowercase letter in the gumballs as I drew the uppercase letter on my white board. We did well on this activity and I see some activities for us to do in May when we are reviewing! The book I read today was The Grinny Granny Donkey. We also completed a pot of gold rainbow craft in a center also!

Wednesday: Goofy Giraffes- We started our day off by cutting out the pieces for our zoophonics Gg is for Gorilla. We completed him after we returned from big room time. Our centers today were filling in the missing number on the shamrocks (1-20), colored in the correct number of shamrocks in the ten frames to the number that was given on the leprechauns sign, practiced writing our Gg and also reviewed our Uu in QKs, and lastly completed a writing and coloring giraffe page that the students completed the blank- I can’t ______ yet. But some day I will. This went along with the book Giraffes Can’t Dance that I read. The other book I read was There’s a Giraffe in my Soup! We began making our own unique giraffes that we will finish on Thursday!

Thursday: St. Patrick’s Day/Wear Green- We had a green day and finished up some projects we had started working on earlier in the week. We started our day off by coloring/adding some color/design to our grandparent day frames. These will be given out after we return from spring break. We finished up our giraffes from yesterday and also took a picture of the classes holding them. They are very unique and different, just like each student! These did not go home, I keep them for the end of the year! Your child also came home with their little leprechaun mask! Most of the crafts we do, I have a sample and we go through step by step, cutting, gluing and decorating when needed. I hope you enjoy these items that come home, as the children work hard cutting and perfecting their masterpieces! The books today were There was an Old Lady who swallowed a Clover and Flat Stanley! All the Flat Stanley information came home either Wednesday or Thursday and if you have any questions about it, please let us know.

We will cover the letter Ee when we return from Spring Break and I can’t believe it will be the last week of March already! Time is going to fly by after we return from Spring Break! We will have just one month left of new letters/numbers/shape and then May is a huge review of everything and getting ready for graduation!

If you have any questions, please email me MrsAimeeABC@gmail.

Have a great Spring Break and looking forward to seeing everyone back on Monday, March 28th! Enjoy and Happy St. Patrick’s Day and March Madness!!! 🙂