This week we learned about the letter G and celebrated St. Patrick’s Day. On Tuesday, the theme was gardening and growing. We started off the day practicing our first and last names and phone numbers. During centers, we did our March writing sample and found all the G’s on the grapes. We also measured some different flowers for math and did a cutting page, learning what words start with the letter G. In afternoon centers, we played with magnets and did a letter matching game with sunflowers. We also did some more measurement and counted beads by putting them onto a flower stem. At the end of the day, we made foil fish and had story time with flower books.

Wednesday we started the day finding the Gg’s on gumballs. After circle time, we practicing writing upper and lower case G’s and made a maze with all the letters of the alphabet. We also did a grandparents coloring page and found golden coins in a sensory bin. For specials, they learned the new letter G, with the new animal Gordo Gorilla, along with his sound and motion. At the end of the day, we planted grass seed in soil, watered it, and put it by the window to get some sun. Then we had story time with books relating to the letter G.

Thursday was St. Patrick’s so we all wore the color green! We started the day by coloring a shamrock. In centers, we did a letter G review, where they had to trace and write the letter G, find them in a bunch of other letters, and color the words that start with that letter. They also did a gumball sort where they had to find beginning letters to all the letters of the alphabet. They had fun finding the matching leprechaun to the correct ten frame and also matched upper and lower case letters with leprechauns as well. For art class, we made gumball machines using paint dotters as gumballs. They cut out the letter G and also the gumball machine. These turned out so cute and colorful! They also decorated their grandparent frames for their grandparents. At the end of the day, they finished their grandparent frames and did a St. Patrick’s Day color by number. We had story time with St. Patrick’s Day books and they made sure to add some water to their grass before going home for Spring Break. Have a great break and I will see you in the Spring!