Hi Parents,

We had a fun last week of March with the letter ‘Ee!’ Here’s a snapshot…

On Tuesday our theme was Elephants. In centers the kids did an elephant color by number, they found elephants in plastic eggs (after telling me what the letter was on the egg they could see if an elephant was hidden inside), and they used kinetic sand on the letter Ee. In the afternoon the kids colored pictures that started with E, they played with elephants and number blocks, and matched upper and lowercase letters by cutting and gluing them together. We finished the day by playing a spring themed game of charades and working on our grandparent’s day picture frames. We also read the book ‘Elmer,’ which is a cute elephant story!

On Wednesday our theme was Emotions and Emojis. In centers the kids added with different colored Duplo blocks, they made different faces with play dough on a blank face, and they played a game with different emotion faces. In the afternoon the kids rotated through specials learning spanish, math, phonics and sign language. We ended our day by cutting the grass that we had planted before spring break. It was pretty long, the kids had fun trimming it!

On Thursday our theme was Humpty Dumpty. In centers the kids stacked cups with numbers on them for math, they finished some humpty dumpty story sequencing, and they cut out a cracked egg and glued it together. In the afternoon we did an egg drop for science. We used real eggs and the kids predicted if the egg would break or not when it fell on cotton balls, aluminum foil, paper towel, rocks or shaving cream. The eggs broke for all of them except the cotton balls and the kids loved it!!! We then went back to our classroom and the kids searched for plastic eggs with their last names on them. They got to keep the egg and the squishy inside, which was so exciting! We ended our day with art. We tore paper and glued it on Elmer the elephant (we read 2 books about him this week) to make him colorful like in the book. They turned out really cute!

Next week is a whole new month, I can’t believe it. We will be talking about the letter ‘Bb.’ Looking forward to it.

Take Care,