WOOOOHOOOOOO!!!! We survived and our year is over!

We tried to make this last week a little more relaxed and had some fun these last few day! We had our last few graduation practices and I am looking forward to seeing them perform next Wednesday for you all!

Monday was movie day and we watched Monsters Inc. and had some popcorn!

Tuesday was shape day and we played quite a few rounds of shape bingo and had some free time at the end of the day to interact with our friends.

Wednesday was our full graduation run through practice day. The kids were great at our rehearsal and will put on a great show for you all next week! Bring the cameras and maybe tissues!

Thursday…our last day! We let the kids enjoy each others company and hang out with their classmates. We got outside for a bit and the end of our goodies from class went home. The kids extra clothes came home as well as their pencil pouch supplies that most wanted to keep.

You will be getting a few things from me next week at graduation. There will be a poster hanging on the wall displaying some of your child’s artwork we did in class, a binder with lots of things inside (card from me, samples of their work, and few other crafts that didn’t make the board, king/queen day picture frame, A-Z Zoophonics animals, as well as a little treat from me!

I enjoyed every single one of the kids in my class this year! It was great watching them all grow in soooo many ways!

Thank you to all the parents for donating, helping out, bringing your child, picking up your child and being present in their lives! I hope they all enjoyed class as much as I did this year!

If you have any questions before Wednesday,  please email me and I will get back to you! Have a great weekend and WAY TO GO KIDS!!!