This week was our last week of school! Tuesday was the 100th day of school and we reviewed the letters G, E, and U. For morning centers, we made 100th day necklaces, 100th day glasses, wrote about being 100 years old, and an 100th day art project with paint dotters. For afternoon centers, they finished their necklaces and dotters project, did another 100th day writing page, and did some gem counting. At the end of the day, they made 100th day headbands and we had story time.

On Wednesday, it was bootcamp day, so we all wore camo! We reviewed the letters B, K, Q, and Y. For morning centers, we counted bears, colored a Y for yacht page, did a graduation page, and made quilt patterns. For afternoon centers, they made an end of year paper, made a bootcamp book, quilt magnets, and played with kinetic sand. At the end of the day we finished our bootcamp books and had storytime.

Thursday was our last day of school, camping day, and pajama day! For morning centers, we did our end of school year page and took our last day of school picture. They did some camping themed centers, one where they had to find the first letter and match it to the picture of camping supplies and another where they matched numbers to make smores. They also used pony beads to make patterns on pipecleaners. In the afternoon, we had graduation practice and did a camping scavenger hunt. We had storytime around a fake fire and in a tent. It was a fun last day! I will miss each and every one of my kids 🙂 See you at graduation!