Hi Parents,

We had another fun week of review! Here’s a snap shot…

As you know, Tuesday was our 100th day! It was fun to see some of the kids dressed like they were 100 years old. In centers the kids wrote letters and numbers inside 100 dots, they did a silly look and find, and they counted out 100 fruit loops and made a necklace. That was a lot of work, they did a great job!

On Wednesday we reviewed the letters Gg, Uu, and Ee. In centers the kids did some under water adding (wow, they did great with this!), they put erasers on a gumball machine, and they matched eggs with beginning sounds.

On Thursday we reviewed the letters Bb, Kk, Qq, and Yy. In centers the kids put markers on the letters p and q, they put pony beads on pipe cleaner stems of flowers that had numbers on them, and they traced letters/put buttons on the characters from the story ‘Brown Bear, Brown Bear.’

They also, made shapes with duplo blocks and popsicle sticks (these were 2 separate activities),  put together some Dr. Seuss puzzles, and clipped the beginning letter with a clothes pin for the correct sound.

All week, we worked on a special Fathers’ day gift for our dads. These will be on the tables at graduation. They turned out so cute!

Next week is our last week. I can’t believe it! Tuesday is Pajama day!! They earned another 100 coins so that’s what they voted would be their reward.

Looking forward to our last 3 days of school!!

Take Care,