One week down in May and only 2 more left! Holy Cow!!!

Monday – We reviewed September items. Also we were busy tying up loose ends for things with King and Queen day on Wednesday. This week our centers may be all class or more independent as we complete our end of the year evaluations and finish up any missing things that are needed. Students completed a spring graphing page by coloring the items in the top picture then graphing how many of each item were pictured down below. We have done a few different types of these this year. The students completed their May name writing/coloring sample. Also they got their crowns ready to go for Wednesday! The two books I read today were Pig the Pug and Rhyming Dust Bunnies.

Tuesday – We reviewed October items. The other activities we did today were completed our EOY Farm following directions page, which you will see at graduation in their binders they receive. We also got our Zoophonics folders ready to go home (graduation). The students colored a Mother’s Day flower which went home on Thursday. And lastly decorated a picture frame that will be stuffed with your picture that was taken from Queen and King day! These will be set out at graduation for you to take home! The two books I read today were All by Myself and I Was So Mad, both were Little Critter books.

Wednesday – King and Queen Day! We hope you enjoyed the program and the hard work the students took making things for you all! 🙂

Thursday – November and December review. The students colored an EOY page that I will take their pictures and add them to in the next 2 weeks. Also they colored and cut out their own cell phones to practice dialing their phone numbers. Some said they were talking to mom, so good imaginative play and they dialed right! LOL We also tried getting the end of the evaluations done so next week can be just for any absent students and make ups. The book I read today was Cheeky Charlie.

The next two weeks will go by fast! With graduation quickly approaching, next week we will begin practicing each day to be pros by the time our classes graduation performance commences. Graduation forms are DUE next week if you have NOT already sent them in! This is important that we get them so we can plan accordingly with seating. Thanks!

If you have any questions, please let me know

Have a great weekend and Happy Mother’s Day to all the moms!!!