We started off the week with an awesome day of Kings and Queens Day! For morning centers, the kids made letters with pop its, wrote and drew their May coloring/writing sample, practiced writing and counting 19 and 20, and did a color by letter page. In the afternoon, we had our celebration. It was so great to see all you moms and dads and it was truly a special event! The kids did so well on their songs and their video for you parents. I know I got emotional so I’m sure you all did as well!

Wednesday was our first review day. We reviewed the letters A M C and J. For centers, our A center was an AlphaPop game. The kids had to match the uppercase popsicle with the lowercase popsicle match. For our M center, the kids did a color by letter mouse page. For our C center, they played a counting caterpillar game. For our J center, they played with jewels and had to make numbers using ten frames. In the afternoon, the kids got to play some games like memory, color matching, ISPY, and Magnatiles. We ended the day with story time!

Thursday was another review day. This time we reviewed letters from back in October, which were the letters F O P and R. For our F center, the kids made a family page where they got to draw their family and write and count how many people are in their family. For our O center, the kids did an opposites puzzle. For our P center, the kids played a rhyming game. In the afternoon, the kids painted their Kings and Queens Day frame using paint dotters. They always have so much with this! To end the day, we did a following directions activity where they had to follow the directions to a story and color a picture of a farm. This is always fun to see how they do without any help and to compare it to the one they did at the beginning of the year!