Hi Parents,

We had a great week! Here’s a snapshot…

On Tuesday we had Kings and Queens Day in the morning. Thank you all for joining us, it was such a fun event. I’m so thrilled we could finally bring it back this year! After recess and lunch, the kids rotated through some fun centers. They did some spring graphing, letter lacing, LEGO letter mats, and made shapes with magnets. The kids ended the day by working on puzzles while I started to evaluate them on their letters, numbers, shapes, etc.

On Wednesday we reviewed the letters A, M, C, and J. In centers the kids counted apples on to trees using tweezers, graphed with money, and put erasers on letters in a cookie jar to mark the beginning sound of the card they picked. In the afternoon the kids did a monster write the room. They walked around the room finding the monster cards and wrote the color of the monster on their papers. This is such a great way for them to work on letter formation. We ended the day by doing our monthly name writing and coloring. These will all be in their binders at the end of the year so you can see the progress they have made!

On Thursday we reviewed the letters F, O, P, and R. In centers the kids counted buttons on to Pete the Cat’s shirt, they matched rainbow letters with beginning sounds, and they matched upper and lowercase letters that were tractor tires. We also had a center reviewing opposites. In the afternoon the class did their farm following directions coloring page. This will also be in the binder! We ended the day with art. The kids painted something special for you that you will get at graduation.

I can’t believe we only have 6 days of school left! Looking forward to another week of review.

Take Care,