Welcome to Mrs. Kelli’s Preschool Classroom!


This week, we focused on reviewing themes from November & December


Books we read:

Aw, Nuts!

The Crunching, Munching Caterpillar




We did a gluing project-N is for newspaper!

We colored our monthly owl page

We built bird nests in our sensory bin

We practiced tracing & writing our names

We used our  flash cards to identify #’s 1-10, and then moved that number of beads 

We used a number mat to make floam balls to match each number

We traced numbers on a quick kit

We used monkey string to form shapes

We used alphabet magnets to match the letters on the white board 

We did various evaluating




We did ABC evaluating

We made cute caterpillars out of circles!

We started graduation practices

The rest of the classes did the butterfly releases!


Until Next Week,


Mrs. Kelli