Hi Parents, Happy November (already?!) We had a great week with the letter ‘Nn.’ Here’s a snap shot…

On Tuesday in centers the kids drew cards and counted that many noodles onto a stick, they built towers with giant pool noodles, they made noodle necklaces, and they practiced writing the letter ‘Nn.’ In the afternoon they made bead towers with spaghetti noodles and cut cooked noodles with scissors. They also painted with noodles!

On Wednesday in centers the kids clipped clothes pins on number wheels, made numbers with Duplo blocks, traced, wrote and said the numbers 1-20, and stamped numbers onto the letter ‘Nn.’ Some of them had time to cut out the letters and some of them didn’t. In the afternoon the kids had specials and rotated through each of the classes for Spanish, zoo phonics, sign language, and science/math.

On Thursday the kids stacked Duplo blocks on UNO cards that matched both the number and the color, they cut out the letters of their name and glued them into their name books (we are still working on finishing these then they will come home.), and they build their names with letters, spelled them and practiced writing them. They also rainbow wrote their names and later painted it with watercolors for art in the afternoon. Also in the afternoon, the kids build with LEGOs, did a candy corn counting activity, and filled out a worksheet about their name.

To go with our name theme on Thursday we read the book, ‘Chrysanthemum’ and talked about all those letters in her name! We read several other books including, ‘ah nuts.’ We love fun books!

Next week we will talk about the letter ‘Zz.’ Looking forward to it!!