This week we focused on the letter Nn. We talked about how noodle, numbers, names and November begin with the letter Nn.

On Tuesday, we focused and did activities around using noodles. We read the book My Nn Book. During centers, we counted noodles using muffin tins with the corresponding number on them, did our The Nn says /n/ cutting page, traced/wrote the letter Nn and made a noodle necklace. In the afternoon, we played numbers bingo.

On Wednesday, we focused on activities with numbers. We read the book The Ninjabread Man. During centers, we practiced ten frames with number playdoh mats, wrote number in our sand boxes, made numbers out of snap cubes and clipped the corresponding number on number clip cards. In the afternoon, we practiced writing our numbers on white boards. We also got to play a number, I have…Who has… game.

On Thursday, we focused on activities with our names. We read the book Aw, Nuts! During centers, we made letters out of snap cubes, practiced tracing/writing our names, made letters out of playdoh, put together our name puzzles and did a pumpkin name craft. In the afternoon, we matched upper and lower case ABCs and played alphabet bingo.

As always, keep working at home on the basic skills they need to master for kindergarten. Such as, name writing, abcs, numbers, and cutting.  If you ever need any ideas, please do not hesitate to contact me. 

Until next week,

Mrs. Brandi