I can’t believe we are already into December and then this first week FLEW by! The letters we are covering this month included Cc and Jj. Our numbers for the month are 11 and 12 and our shape is the triangle.

We started the week having our delayed Thanksgiving Parties on Monday. The kids colored and cut out Snoopy ears and had a dog ear headband to wear to the party and enjoy the movie. We watched the Charlie Brown Thanksgiving movie and then enjoyed a Charlie Brown snack similar to what he and his friends enjoyed. The snack included pretzel sticks, popcorn, marshmallows, Skittles, and saltine crackers. The students always enjoy having a snack in class!

Tuesday: Our theme today was with the letter Cc and candy canes! We completed a variety of candy cane activities in class today. Some things included completing candy cane patterns, stringing beads to make candy canes, color/cut/paste/glitter a candy cane and lastly we had a candy cane experiment. The candy cane experiment was enjoyable watching the candy canes disappear in different liquids! We started the experiment at the beginning of class and ended class observing what happened to the candy canes. Some disappeared and others did not. The students had a sheet that they colored what the cup looked like at the end and circled yes or no if the candy cane disappeared. This was a fun activity they seemed to enjoy!

Wednesday: The theme today is geared towards the book, If You Give A Mouse A Cookie. They created their own cookies by tearing tan and brown paper and then pasting it onto the cookie page. While the class was working on their cookies I had pulled kids one by one to complete some other Christmas crafts/activities. Two books we read today included the book for the theme of the day and also The Best Mouse Cookie.

Thursday: Crazy hair day!! And some of the students had exactly that, CrAzY hair! A few of the hairstyles included a sparkly unicorn, mohawk with buns and scrunchies, lots of boy mohawks, lots of bows, light up hair, messy bed head hair (at least that’s what I am calling it), braids and pigtails all over! A book I had that went right along with our theme was a Dr. Seuss inspired Hooray for Hair, the two kids in the book had crazy hair day at school and had to decide which hairstyle to do. Along with our letter Cc for the week we created our C is for Cat animal. The students had more to do independently on this letter and I will be using this method more to work on our listening skills! Some struggled and others did all right.

The next two weeks if the students don’t tell you much that we did in class it is because we are being busy little elves making Christmas crafts and gifts for you guys! I tell them to keep quiet and not to tell you about the goodies we are making! So please don’t be mad if they are quiet or silly after school! 🙂 Also if there isn’t a ton coming home, that is also the reason we are making things in class.

Few Reminders: *wear blue to school Monday!  *Our Party day is Monday the 13th and on your calendar was information about the gift exchange, if you have questions about this please email me!   *If you signed up for donating for the Christmas Party I will be contacting you early next week!   *Thursday the 16th is our last day before our holiday break!

Enjoy the weekend and please email me if you have any questions!  MrsAimeeABC@gmail.com