Hi Parents,

We had a great week with the letter ‘Jj!’ Here’s a snap shot…

On Tuesday we made up our party that we missed before Thanksgiving and the kids had a great time. They played pin the tail on the turkey and toss the balls into the turkey. They made a turkey headband, a thankfulness bracelet, and also prepared a snack of colored goldfish and popcorn that looked like a turkey! During our fun centers the kids, made a pie by counting the number of cool whip scoops and matching it to the number on the pie plate, they cut and glued what they had for their Thanksgiving meal onto a plate, (for some it was all junk food or pop! 🙂 and they finished a festive pattern sheet. We ended the day by watching the Charlie Brown Thanksgiving movie and eating our snack. What a fun day!

On Wednesday our theme was ‘Jumping for Jesus.’  In centers the kids jumped frogs onto numbers and said the numbers, made jumping J’s by cutting out the J, folding accordion legs, and gluing on shoes, and worked on some Jesus play dough mats with kinetic sand. In the afternoon, we had specials where the kids rotated through each teachers classroom learning, science/math, spanish, sign language, and zoo phonics. Mrs. Amanda brought her bounce house so all of the kids had a chance to ‘jump for Jesus’ during specials. As you can imagine, they loved it!!

On Thursday our theme was ‘Jingle Bells and Jelly Beans.’ In centers the kids counted different colored jelly beans into a jar, cut and colored jelly beans, and used magnet wands with jingle bells. In the afternoon, they scooped water beads into muffin tins, used pop its to make letters, and finished their jelly bean jar we had started in our morning centers. In the afternoon for art we painted one of our Christmas presents that will be coming home. It’s a surprise but they turned out SO cute!!!

We read lots of books including the ‘Dancing Jellybeans’ and a phonics book about a fat cat. I use these amazing books for rhyming and beginning sounds and the kids love them!

only 2 weeks of school left! Looking forward to talking about the letter ‘Cc!’

Take Care,