Hi Parents,

We had a fun week with the letter ‘Zz!’ Here’s a snap shot…

On Tuesday in centers the kids fed zebras by rolling a die and scooping that many scoops or rice into a jar, they made a zebra out of the letter Z (those will come home in a few weeks. They are currently hanging in the hallway), and they did a fall puzzle where they had to put the letters of the alphabet in order. In the afternoon the kids filled letters with beads, stamped shapes into kinetic sand, and finished up our zebras from earlier. We also had the chance to pack our boxes for Operation Christmas Child. The kids helped pack 5 girl boxes and 5 boy boxes. It’s always a great experience to be able to share with the kids!

On Wednesday in centers the kids covered numbers on number mats, cut and glued zippers onto the letter z, and made Z’s and zig zags with play dough. They also traced zig zags and all of the letters. In the afternoon the kids had specials and went into each classroom for sign language, zoo phonics, spanish, and math/science.

On Thursday in centers the kids did some graphing with zoo animals, they wrote the word and drew a picture of what they would be if they were a zoo animal, and they made zoo animals with pattern blocks. In the afternoon they made shapes with Duplo blocks, sorted zoo and farm animals, and did some letter Z review. For art the kids painted the mane of a lion with pom poms. We will finish those next week. They  turned out really cute!

Next week we will talk about the letter ‘Tt.’ Looking forward to it.

Take Care,