Another fun filled week in Preschool! I hope the kids came home telling you lots of words that start with the letter T and Z!

On Mon/Tues we focused on the letter T. We made name trains that are hanging in the school  and read the story Always in Trouble.

In our centers we colored our T ABC page, Looked for Letter T on a quick kit worksheet,  Rainbow traced a letter T, Painted a tree, put together a Lego train.

On Wed/Thursday we focused on the Letter Z! We also filled our Shoeboxes for Operation Christmas Child. I told them a story about a boy/girl who didn’t have as much as we do and why it was so important and kind to send these boxes. If you ever to need a reason to smile listen to a child tell you about sending a child a shoebox, or just watch them pray over a box ❤️ This was definitely the highlight of my week!

In our centers we worked on the Letter Z! We colored our Z ABC page,  counted with peg boards, Practiced cutting zig zag lines, made zig zag lines with buttons, raced cars on zig zag tracks.
I hope you all have a wonderful weekend! See you Next week!

Mrs. Kristina