We had a lot of fun with the letter Ff this week! The students were hard at work in centers, making crafts, and exerting that extra energy during big room time!

The centers we had this week included: practicing writing the letter Ff, counted farm animals in quick kits, traced all our upper and lowercase letters, traced funky farm lines in quick kits, completed some sorting (by size, color, shape), traced numbers 1-10 on some hungry pigs in quick kits, completed a harvest letter match in quick kits, did our October writing and drawing sample, colored the head of a cow which got a handprint on it as the body, completed a following directions down on the ABC farm page (we keep until the end of the year), drew some frogs on a lily pad and completed two fish crafts. We have improved some from the beginning of the year with our cutting skills, which is noticed on our crafts we have been making weekly. Some items may come home and others may be on display in the hallways or I keep until graduation! The fish we made on Thursday came out really cute and no fish got eaten by a shark! (Meaning they all cut properly and followed directions! Woohoo!)

The books I read to the class this week were: Barn Storm, Berenstain Bears Down on the Farm, Cock-a-doodle-doo Barnyard Hullabaloo, Big Red Barn, Giggle Giggle Quack, Dooby Dooby Moo, Froggy picks a pumpkin, Froggy learns to swim, Froggy wants a doggy, and Frog on a Log.

Please please check your child’s folder daily! We have noticed when doing folders that there are papers accumulating in them and some of the important papers that need to be seen aren’t! We have an upcoming field trip next Thursday the 21st and the forms and money were due on the 14th. Also, please check the calendar for daily information and what will be coming up in the next few weeks. We will be having a movie/popcorn/pajama day on the 20th, please send in a water for your child that day! Also our Harvest Party is on Monday the 25th and information about the party is listed on the backside of the calendar. I will be reaching out to parents that said they would be interested in helping out at the party or donating any items. We appreciate the parent help!

THINGS THAT CAN BE WORKED ON AT HOME: letter recognition (the Dollar Tree has tons of flashcards), cutting, coloring (trying to stay inside the lines) and writing their names/letters. We work on all these items daily, but the extra practice will make it easier for them to master the skill by the end of the year and get them ready to go to Kindergarten!

If you have any questions, you can email me at MrsAimeeABC@gmail.com and I will get back to you as soon as I can! Have a good weekend and I’ll see everyone back on Monday the 18th!